How to Preview PDF Files?


PDFEase PDF Utilities integrates a PDF viewer that lets you view the contents of a PDF file without opening it. It's really helpful when you have a ton of PDFs needing to be quickly scanned or organized. The appealing PDF viewer has a nice interface and it also shows many document controls in the preview pane that allow you to perform many operations like printing the current PDF file for instant use, checking document properties, zooming in for better view, etc.

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Step. Preview PDF Files

Launch PDFEase PDF Utilities and click "PDF Preview" tab. Click "Load PDF" to choose a PDF file you want to view and click "Open" to input it to the program window. Then, preview the file with specific tools.

(1) Load PDF - click this button to add a PDF file to the program window

(2) Print - print out the current file with the printer connected with your computer

(3) Document properties - add information to the PDF file, check its security, fonts, set layout preference, etc.

(4) Zoom
Zoom in/out - increase/decrease rapidly the magnification of the image
Fit Width - fit the page within the left and right sides of the viewer window
Fit Height - display the page to fit between the top and bottom of the viewer window
Fit Page - make the entire PDF pages to appear in the pane

(5) Page
First/Last - switch to the first/last page of the PDF file
Previous/Next - go to the previous page/next page

Preview PDF Files

Download PDFEase PDF Utilities