How to Merge PDF Files?


Maybe you're a student who has a bunch of papers you've collected for research; or maybe you're adding a cover to an eBook you've written. Or perhaps you want to rejoin the pages of a PDF for archiving, batch printing, reading, or other purposes. PDFEase PDF Merger Splitter provides a PDF merger to join PDF files into one easy-to-read file.

Download PDFEase PDF Merger Splitter

Step 1. Input PDF Files

Launch PDFEase PDF Merger Splitter and click "Add" to input PDF files that you want to merge into a new PDF file. Press Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple PDF files in the Open dialog. Click "Open" to input them to the PDF merger window.

Input PDF Files

Step 2. Arrange File Order

Detailed information such as file name, location path, file size, etc. of each added file is displayed. Use "Remove" or "Clear" to delete the unwanted task. To arrange the file order, click "Move Up/Move Down" buttons or just select the file and drag it the place according to your schedule.

Arrange File Order

Step 3. Start Merging

When you have added all the files to be merged and have the files in the desired sequence, Click "Merge PDF" to select an output folder for the new PDF file. Click "OK" and the merging process will be finished in seconds.

Start Merging

Download PDFEase PDF Merger Splitter