How to Rotate Scanned Document?


Have you ever scanned a document the wrong way that the resulting PDF was upside down and you'd like to use a soft to rotate it permanently? PDFEase Scan to PDF is capable of turning the file to the right or left, or flip it vertically or horizontally so you can get just the right look.

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Step 1. Activate Scanner

Launch PDFEase Scan to PDF and place your document on the scanner bed. Be sure it is as straight as possible. Click "Scan..." to choose a scanner connected to your computer and activate the scanner program.

Activate Scanner

Step 2. Scan the Document

You may click "Preview" to see the image to be scanned. Then click "Scan" to perform scanning.

Scan the Document

Step 3. Rotate the Document

Several seconds later, the document is scanned to the program window. If the scanned document is not right-side-up, click "Rotate ACW" to rotate the document for anti-clockwise rotation while "Rotate CW" for clockwise rotation. If you did not correct well, use the "Undo/Redo" command and rotate again.

Rotate the Document

The Rotated Document

Step 4. Save the Document

Select Page Size (A0-6, B5, Letter (8.5" × 11"), Legal (8.5" × 14"), ledger (17" × 11")) and Compression (RLE, G3Fax, G4Fax, JPEG). Click "Save PDF" to choose the output folder and then "OK" to save these scanned images as PDF.

Save the Document

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